This workshop is a continuation of the “Occlusion and Function in Clinical Practice” workshop. Once diagnostic skills, articulator setup and splint therapy are mastered, this workshop makes the bridge to final restorative treatment planning. Upon the determination of the treatment occlusal scheme, its implementation is realized through a multi-disciplinary approach. The workshop also covers sensitive practice and patient management techniques which enable the treatment of functionally-compromised patients.

Schedule: 2.5 days include

   Splint Therapy

  • Results interpretation. Multiple splint therapy – sequencing
  • Patient’s occlusal feedback during splint therapy
  • Transition from splint determined occlusion to provisionals and then permanent restorations

   Functionally compromised cases – hands-on

  • Advanced articulator setup
  • Joint geometry determination – Axiography: when is it needed and how to use it
  • Trial Equilibration on mounted casts & additive occlusal wax-up

Flat occlusal tables

  Treating patients with excessive tooth wear – hands-on

  • When and how to: modification of vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Multi-disciplinary approach in evaluating skeletal versus tooth incongruencies
  • The value of orthodontic setup in restorative dentistry   
  • The role of medication in the treatment of functionally-challenged patients.

Case discussions: This is the most fun part of the entire workshop. Combining fresh information and cumulated group experience, we will evaluate real cases (brought by the participants), diagnose and treatment plan challenging cases.

After attending this workshop, the participant will be able to approach:

  • Cases with moderate to advances occlusal risk
  • Interpretation of joint noises and classification of TMD-s. Establish and implement a sequential treatment plan for restoring functionally-challenging cases.
  • Manage cases with multi-factorial determined para-functions.


Cost: Number of Participants Dates Requirements: Notes:
2150 Euro
(for courses in Germany,
19% VAT is added)
  Minimum / Maximum:
10 / 15
30th, October-, 1st, November ’20 
Munich, Germany
 Own Articulator & Facebow 25% rebate will apply to: 

  • a repeated workshop
  • for each referred new student. (up to three referrals)



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