One-on-One Workshop

“In Sharing Knowledge Lies the Power of Discovering New Ideas”


One-on-One is a select training program, practice-oriented with live patient diagnostics and treatment. It is the closest to the reality of everyday practice, involving exclusive interaction between the dentist, the patient and the instructor. The instructor will actually treat the patient while the student is assisting and also participating in the whole treatment. This is the best way to actually see how we approach an individual case, asses the communication techniques between the instructor and the patient and learn the most about Aesthetics, Occlusion, Joint Diagnostics, Material Selection and Preparation Design. The more complicated the case, the better!

Schedule: 2-5 in-office appointments that include:

   How does it work:

  • The student is selecting a patient for the treatment. The student could also be the patient
  • The patient pays our treatment fees; the student pays 1000 Euro for entire one-on-one experience (maximum 5 appointments). 100 Euro for every extra patient appointment.
  • Patient treatment is completed in our practice with direct assistance and involvement of the student.
  • Before, during and after each appointment the instructor and the student will communicate the theory and practical applications specific to the patient’s treatment.

   What is required:

  • Anamnesis, Patient History
  • Complete set of photos (intra- and extra-oral)
  • Full set of Radiographs (Panoramic + Periapical radiographs) – no more than 6 months old
  • A set of maxillary and mandibular casts (articulator mounted if possible)
  • Function & Aesthetics instructors will review the data and get in contact with the student and the patient. A treatment cost estimate is provided.


  • This first appointment is a consultation and diagnostics. The student and instructor are directly involved in the diagnostics and treatment planning
  • Upon patient agreement, 50% of the patient treatment fee will be deposited into F&A account
  • The complete patient treatment fee is paid before the last appointment of the treatment
  • Only one additional student is allowed to assist for a fee of 1000 Euro per complete patient treatment.
After attending this One-on-One program, the participant will understand how Function & Aesthetics instructors:
  • Diagnose and treat patients every day
  • Identify aesthetic parameters of a patient’s smile, clearly able to quantify which parameters needs to changed and how
  • Seamlessly integrate Aesthetics, Function and Biology in a coherent treatment plan and present that to the patient in an easy to understand manner
  • Choose the right materials, the right laboratory, practice protocols and establish a individualized maintenance protocol
  • Experience the work flow in the instructors’ own practice
  • Use the Function & Aesthetics kits directly for patient’s treatments and make use of microscope for preparation, impression and restoration check.

Student Cost: Patient Cost Dates Requirements: Notes:
1000 Euro *

2-5 patient appointments
Treatment plan based Please inquire Your own loupes & Scrubs Contact F&A before scheduling an One-on-One program

* in Germany, 19% VAT is added