Functional status of the stomatognathic system can be a baffling subject, with so many variables that constantly interact with one another. The abundance of information from evaluating muscles, joints, occlusal schemes can add up to the confusion instead of clarifying the condition. There are so many concepts out there: neuromuscular, Dawson, gnathological, bioesthetics….and all of them experience both success and failure. So which one is best for your patients?!

This seminar & workshop combination is designed not to convince you of one concept or another but to help you navigate through the differential diagnosis of pathological functional condition of the stomatognathic system and ultimately, establish the Occlusal Risk for the desired treatment options. Clinical examples and hand-on training make the connection between the theory of occlusal concepts and the actual practice.


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Workshop Schedule: 2.5 days that include

   Functional Concepts

  • Stomatognathic system review – TMJ diagnostics, muscle tonus evaluation and de-programming
  • Classification of joint disorders
  • Centric occlusion vs MIP static occlusion, mandibular lateral excursions, para-functions
  • Patterns of wear, attrition, abrasion, erosion

   Clinical aspects of occlusally compromised cases

  • What does it mean Pathologic vs Physiologic occlusion?!
  • Step by Step Differential Diagnosis
  • Lucia Gig, Leaf Gauge and Dawson Bi-Manual Manipulation for occlusal recordings
  • Flexible methodology in evaluating occlusal risk

  “Seeing” the occlusal signs and their interpretation – hands-on

  • Centric Relation recording, Articulator cast mounting, Face-bow, Articulator setup
  • Diagnostic value of photography, joint auscultation (Doppler)
  • Wear facets analysis, equilibration, leaf gauge technique – Hands-on exercise
  • Occlusion 3D diagnostics, Virtual articulators – lecture

   Occlusion Concepts

Splint therapy for everyday practice – hands-on

  • Types of splints and occlusal deprogrammers
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic value of splints – splint fabrication hands-on exercise
  • Occlusal tabletops vs immediate provisionalization

Case discussions:

At the end of the workshop, we will evaluate real cases (brought by the participants), diagnose and treatment plan them within the group. This will allow each participant to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills with their existing patients, in their own practices.

After attending this workshop, the participant will be able to “see more” from the:

  • the signs of Occlusal risk such as pattern wear, muscular and anatomical factors outside the patient’s capacity of compensation.
  • Muscles and joint palpation, auscultation, interpretation of joint noises and classification of TMD-s. The diagnostic value of consistent charting and follow-up protocols.
  • Fabricate, adjust and interpret results from a full arch hard splint therapy. Able to decide on maintaining existing occlusal scheme or changing it.

Cost: Number of Participants Dates Requirements: Notes:
1950 Euro
(for courses in Germany,
19% VAT is added)
  Minimum / Maximum:
10 / 15

27th – 29th March, ’20

Munich, Germany
 Dental Loupes 2.5x 25% rebate will apply to: 

  • a repeated workshop
  • for each referred new student. (up to three referrals)


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