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Level 1 – P1/F1/CAD-P  

 P1 | Provisionalization – The Secret of Aesthetic and Functional Success (1 day)

  • Hands-on exercises in fabricating a single unit to multiple units provisionals (including custom trim&polish kit)
  • How to use provisionals for functional occlusion testing
  • How to use provisionals as a preview for aesthetic treatments and patient management
  • CAD-CAM provisionals: when, how, which material…

Lecturers:   Costin Marinescu, D.D.S.
Location:    TBD
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 F1 | Occlusion and Function for Aesthetic Treatments (2.5 day)

  • Assessing the occlusal risk for aesthetic reconstructions
  • Muscles and joints diagnostics
  • Treatment bite registration vs habitual bite – hands-on exercise, functional analysis of the mounted casts, articulator setup
  • Splint therapy: why splint therapy, which splint for which patient, what do we learn from it
  • Occlusal equilibration – when and how should it be done?

Lecturers:   Costin Marinescu, D.D.S.
Location:    Check the date for a specific location
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   CAD-CAM & Photo | CAD-CAM intro and Digital Dental Photography (1 day)

  • The basics of Digital Photography
  • Relevant images in Dentistry
  • The latest in CAD / CAM technologies and their impact in dental practice economics
  • Which technology is right for your practice and making the transition to restorative dentistry on-demand.

Lecturers:  Costin Marinescu, D.D.S., Andreas Habash
Location:   Munich, Germany
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Level 2 – F2  

   F2 | Advanced Functional and Aesthetic Therapy (2.5 days)

  • Functional/aesthetic analysis and treatment planning: the Spear concept
  • Splint therapy, additive wax-up technique, interdisciplinary treatment planning
  • Advanced articulator setup, mounted casts analysis, trial equilibration – practical exercise
  • Practice and patient management for functionally-challenge cases

Lecturers:  Costin Marinescu, D.D.S.
Location:  Check the date for a specific location
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Level 3 – One-on-One  

   One-on-One | Live Patient Experience (2-5 office appointments)

  • Experience the instructors together with the student involved in live patient treatment planning
  • The best way to learn comprehensive differential diagnostics
  • Learn our case presentation techniques for best patient treatment acceptance
  • Patient and practice management techniques to enable a comfortable and seamless patient experience
  • Individualized application of the Aesthetic and Functional principles with the use of CAD-CAM technologies, bonding techniques and more…

Instructors: Costin Marinescu, D.D.S.
Location:    Munich, Germany
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